2016 – Tips for Sellers & Buyers

1. If you see a home you like – pursue it, don’t wait!
Buyers who start hunting for a home early will face less competition and would have more homes to choose from.

2. Mortgages – Shop around when it comes to a mortgage.
Talk to more than one lender. A lower interest rate could mean thousands in savings over the life of the loan.

 3. Try looking at new homes.
Construction of new homes is expected to  rise this year, with an expected 16-percent increase in sales of new homes year-over-year. Buying a new home may cost more but having a brand new home of your dreams – Wouldn’t it be ideal?  We have the perfect Georgian currently under construction and will be ready this April!  1 Doverton Drive – Greenwich, Connecticut


Sellers:  Call us now! 203-869-9866

 There are many steps before your listing becomes public and April – June is prime time for buyers looking for a new home

 1.  Get your home inspected to make sure there will be no delays in selling your home.  Nothing is worse than a buyer wanting to purchase your home to discover a major issue or repair, and you no longer have a sale of your home.

2.  We’ve all heard of the term,  2. Spring Cleaning – time to get rid of all those items you don’t want to move with you – hold an Estate Sale – donate etc.  Less is more, and you want to showcase the home.

3.  Does your home need updates?  When was the last time you painted?  White and Grays are back…what a difference a fresh coat of paint can make.  Curb appeal – remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

4.  Pricing your home – Work with your agent – start to research the current market and be realistic about the price your home will sell for.  The most important part of selling your home is going to be the list price.

Just a few tips…Contact our office today on how our agents can help you – we can be reached at 203-869-9866 – info@davidogilvy.com and see all the beautiful homes for sale in Greenwich, Connecticut  on our website davidogilvy.com






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